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How we got started

In today's business world, there are three trends of major consequence, which are changing demographics, changing business models, and changing workplace operations. To help companies navigate these changes, service firms have to adapt, too.

In a series of discussions, the principals of PRIMAPACT discovered that our collective backgrounds on both national and international levels have prepared us and our companies to offer assistance to our clients in a new way that is more in tune with these trends. PRIMAPACT is a new business model of one-stop services provided by a collaborative of compatible companies linked via a common industry and the most modern communications.

The PRIMAPACT principals all have made important contributions to building the travel industry, exploring new ways to grow and promote tourism, working with key national and international policy matters, as they relate to this important economic sector. While none of the PRIMAPACT principals’ expertise is limited to the travel sector, we have that common thread.

The discussions that brought the group together, emerged from connections like these: former Senator Mark Begich restarting the U. S. Senate Travel and Tourism Caucus and serving on the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee that dealt with it; Gail Adams working on behalf of U. S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to formulate the National Travel and Tourism Strategy of the United States; Art Sackler leading the Interactive Travel Services Association and participating in related discussions with principals of the leading online travel agencies (OTAs); Roger Rickard serving as an advocacy leader for destinations, conventions, meetings, and trade shows; Laura Mandala doing high profile tourism research and serving on the United States Travel and Tourism Advisory Board; Carlos Alcazar leading industry discussions on ways to engage emerging demographic groups--especially Hispanics--with tourism products using advertising and media; Cathleen Johnson organizing high profile public relations efforts for the U. S. Department of Commerce first international marketing campaign; and delivering special crisis management efforts following the BP oil spill; Andres Hayes leading top dining, lodging, and historic properties in Washington DC and becoming known as a leading provider of hospitality training; and Steve Richer, working on tourism policy issues with various national associations and interacting with all of the others in his various activities over the last seven years.

The thread that ran through our conversations was a common interest in and extraordinary knowledge of the tourism industry. Combining all of our experience to serve clients we found an obvious fit and a new way to provide an excellent range of services, all with integrated planning and execution.

What we do


Led by industry veteran, Art Sackler, PRIMAPACT offers comprehensive, in-depth services at the intersection of policy, politics and the law. With decades of experience in every aspect of lobbying, agency and regulatory proceedings, including associated media spokespersons roles, and more, we can formulate and execute strategies specifically tailored to inform and impact governmental decision-making that may affect your business plans for good or ill. Whether it is door-to-door “retail” lobbying on Capitol Hill, white paper, discussion points or testimony drafting, grass-roots organizing and communicating, ally development and coalition building, agency and departmental discussions or formal regulatory filings, or fundraising, we can provide it all for our clients, specifically including those in travel and tourism, where we have had substantial opportunities and success.


Research for PRIMAPACT is directed by Laura Mandala and her team at Mandala Research. Recognized as one of the leading research firms in travel and tourism the firm also has successful portfolio of research in Retail, Energy, and Telecommunications sectors. Segmentation and niche markets are the firm’s specialty, uncovering the emotional drivers of consumer behavior, enabling clients to understand the variables most important to the customer, not the marketing team. Clients include destinations, large retailers, shopping mall owners, major travel brands, government agencies, associations and more, with extensive expertise in brand tracking, brand equity, and brand identity research.


Combining our multidisciplinary expertise, the PRIMAPACT group offers international development services led by Gail Adams that support sustainable tourism economies and the industries that are connected. From projects designed to build and sustain government and local community capacity for future development to projects to reduce joblessness and encourage entrepreneurship, Gail Adams and the PRIMAPACT team has the experience and expertise to provide unique and innovative value-added solutions across industry sectors and locations.


Reaching the audiences you seek to move your products and services is the key to any successful endeavor. In collaboration with our PRIMAPACT colleagues, we can identify and execute the strategies necessary to motivate existing and emerging market segments through an integrated plan, including research, public relations, traditional advertising, social media, trade show attendance, special events, and advocacy. We have the experience and contacts in a broad range of key influencers in both domestic and international markets.


Margaret Mead the great American Cultural anthropologist said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” We are here to help your group of thoughtful, committed champions change the world. As a leading authority on advocacy, led by Roger Rickard and the PRIMAPACT team, we use strategic tools to engage and activate the champions of your organization, where we believe in supporting causes while developing advocates. We do this through strategic consulting, education and training, grassroots advocacy, and live advocacy seminars and presentations. We help you understand who your key stakeholders are and strengthen and preserve your relevance to them by developing strategies for a complete advocacy plan, enabling you to communicate and educate your value.


The Public Relations strategy and programming for PRIMAPACT is led by Cathleen Johnson, who founded and led the Travel and Tourism practice at Edelman, the world’s largest independent PR firm. Now as Managing Director for Percepture Travel, she brings the resources of a full service firm and collaborates with a powerful team of travel communications specialists including Rene Mack, former president of the travel division at Weber Shandwick PR and Veronica Stoddart, former Travel Editor of USA Today. Percepture Travel is a solutions-based, results-driven marketing communications agency that answers the question: “If everyone is talking, is anyone listening and if so, how do I get them to pay attention to me?” The firm activates the disciplines of search, PR, social, digital, crisis, broadcast, IR, content marketing, reputation management, and public relationships to enable brands to cut through the clutter. ROI is simple: increased revenue.


Carlos Alcazar brings the resources of both The Tombras Group and Culture ONE World, a full-service advertising agency with a staff of 165 award-winning professionals. We offer advertising, marketing, web design, corporate branding, multicultural, public relations, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), integrated marketing communications, analytics and marketing research services. Our experience in travel and tourism along with our PRIMAPACT team is diverse. Collaborating with our strategic planners, data analysts and creative teams we relentlessly seek to invest your marketing and media spend with the goal of ever-higher conversions at a lower cost. Added value is a must, ideas beyond the numbers is a given.


Northern Compass Group LLC, led by former Senator Mark Begich, is a full-service firm that helps clients develop tailored, strategic plans to achieve sustainable solutions for even the most daunting challenges. Guided by the Begich approach of bringing stakeholders together, the NCG team has a proven record of developing and implementing strategic communication plans in the business, political, and government environments. Northern Compass Group helps clients not only develop an effective message, but also lay out a sophisticated plan to reach their target audience.


Training at PRIMAPACT is led by Andres Hayes, who has numerous years of experience in the hospitality industry domestically and internationally. He is also a certified trainer from the Protocol School of Washington specializing in Proper Business Protocol and Etiquette. Currently he provides consultancy to hotels and restaurants in the DC area and around the nation how to run the daily operations of the business. He is well known for teaching his clients how to serve a guest to make them feel like royalty.

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